Take Your BBQ to the Next Level

If you have recently moved into a Prime Custom home, no doubt you are itching to show it off to friends and family. One of the best ways to host a gathering is to fire up the grill and have a BBQ! If you are new to the grilling world or just want to step up your game, we are here to help. The list of different grills and their pros and cons, however, can be overwhelming. That is why we want to make it easy for you to choose which one best fits your preferences.

Charcoal Grills

Probably one of the most used grills is charcoal. They are delightfully simple to work, and with a little bit of practice you can master this style of grilling in no time. All varieties of meats and vegetables are given that signature BBQ flavor as they are seared over a bed of fiery charcoal briquettes. Bags of charcoal briquettes are widely available and relatively affordable to get your hands on.

Electric Grills

If you are not a fan of bulky items or are short on outdoor space, electric grills are excellent options. These grills are versatile. They do not require any fuel which means that they also do not emit any smoke or fumes that make them dangerous to use inside. So, even when the weather is not favorable for outdoor grilling, you can still enjoy the charred flavor that a grill offers to dishes. Electric grills require only a power outlet and are easy to clean and store.

Gas Grills

Gas grills are consistent staples at outdoor BBQs. These grills use liquid propane that is easy to refill and offers a clean flavor when cooking. This gives the cook the culinary freedom to enlist the aid of different wood chips to help infuse the foods with the flavor they desire. And because there is no need for charcoal, there is no messy ash to cleanup afterwards. Another benefit of a gas grill is how easy it is to turn on. Most gas grills have a push button ignition that requires little effort from you to get the grill up and going.

Pellet Grills

For a truly well-rounded grill, consider a pellet grill. This kind of grill allows for a variety of cooking techniques from smoking to slow-roasting. A pellet grill is a great happy medium if you cannot choose between the flavor of charcoal versus the convenience of gas. Hardwood pellets are used to imbue delicious flavor into meats and veggies, while most are incredibly easy to fire up. These grills have temperature-controlled options that allow you to cook with temperatures as low as 160 degrees for slow roasting tough cuts of meat.

There is nothing quite like enjoying an evening with good friends and good food. Choosing the right grill for you can help. Prime Custom Builders certainly wants you to enjoy your home life. So be sure to check back often so that you do not miss out on upcoming blogs that can help you do just that.

By Prime Custom Builders 7-27-2020