How to Protect Newly Planted Trees During Winter

When it comes to new homes it means that there are also newly planted trees in the yard as well. Winter can be very hard on the newly planted trees because they aren’t protected from the harsh elements and don’t have a mature defense like a long-standing tree has. Such defenses included in strong spreading root system and thick bark. There is much that can be done to help these newly planted trees to survive this winter and the winters to come.

Make sure that there is enough mulch around the tree. No more than 2-4 inches. This will help to insulate the soil and tree roots as well as helps to less water loss from the soil. In addition to this You will want to make sure you wrap your tree in the early winter to keep the trunk from cracking called sunscald. This is caused by the warm sun in the day and cold weather in the night, two extremes. Wrap the tree with crepe paper tree wrap from the bottom of the tree just to the top of the first branch. Then remove it in the spring.

Many people think that trees are dormant in the winter but that is untrue. Trees still need to be watered in the winter. In fact, there are many landscaping companies who won’t pay for the replacement of trees unless they water them once a month in the winter. Depending on the tree, it will change the amount of water the tree will need. Make sure to do your research on how much water your tree will need in the winter. A common misconception is that snow waters the tree as well but in actuality, snow provides very little water to trees and plants.

Rabbits can also harm your tree so much that it can lead to the death of your newly planted tree. With a little protection though it can go a long way. By taking a plastic cover tall enough that the rabbits can’t reach the tree and putting it around the bottom of the tree trunk it can prevent them from eating the outer and inner bark. This small protection can save your tree from dying and you paying for a replacement tree in the spring.

Trees are an important part of landscape. No doubt they are beautiful and can enhance the curbside appeal of your home. Helping your newly planted trees can be what seems to be a chore, but the results are incredible as you see your tree grow and thrive year after year. Often doing these things leads to your trees to growing stronger at a faster pace than other trees that aren’t taken care of as well in the winter.

By Prime Custom Builders 1-24-2018