Spring Tree Care

As we previously talked about there is much care that trees need to thrive and not just survive. Winter tree care is pertinent. Spring is here now so what does that mean for all of your trees that you spent time on all winter to make sure they made it through? Well we want to help you through the de-winterizing of your trees. Care for your tree takes a different turn with spring. These tips and trick will help make your landscaping beautiful for the winter. You might want to plan a weekend of getting your yard ready for the rest of the season.

Warm weather means that you can now unwrap your trees. It’s no longer going from warm to cold, so your tree no longer needs to be protected. Once you’ve got them unwrapped you’ll want to take moment to clean up around your tree. This means debris, twigs, pines, and leaves. Sometimes these can carry fungal disease that develop over winter. So, you want to make sure that your tree doesn’t catch anything like that. A simple rake around the tree and then disposal of the pile will help to prevent this.

You’ll next want to make sure that you add some new mulch around your trees. Some may have done this before winter hit and if you have then just check to make sure that there is still a good amount of mulch surrounding it. If you take your mulch and flip it, it’ll look like you put new mulch down. Mulch is important because it helps the soil retain more of the moisture. Make sure not to make a mass lump around the trunk of it because this can cause the health of your tree to be put in jeopardy.

Springtime means the sprinklers come back on. Turning on your sprinklers is a whole other project. When doing this, make sure to check that they are all working right and in the right direction. Look to see if there are any leaks by means of puddles. Your sprinkler will give your tree the amount of water that it needs for the day. So, you no longer have to water your trees as you did in the winter. Make sure that are they are being water that you don’t have any powdery mildew growing on the mulch or leaves that fall below.

These are the initial ways to get your tree ready for the warmer months. There is still more to be done though. Pruning your tree is important. Also making sure that you hit off any buds on the trunk that are below your first tree branch is important. You don’t want your tree to grow new branches there. Read up on which branches to prune and why. There is a lot that needs to be done when it comes to preparing your yard for the warm weather. Prime Custom Builders knows the best way to take care of a home and keep it looking beautiful. Take a look at the homes we have available today!

By Prime Custom Builders 4-10-2018