Reasons Why Your Family Should Have an Evacuation Plan

Pennsylvania has a lot to offer. The wonderful scenery, fantastic history, and outstanding parks are just a few of the reasons why Prime Custom Builders chooses to build our homes here. But the sad truth is that no place is immune to emergencies, no matter how great of a place it is. This is true of Pennsylvania. We are prone to floods, tornadoes, and more. Which is exactly why it is important for families to have an evacuation plan in place. Here’s how you can make one.

Establish When to Evacuate

The first step to creating an effective plan is to sit down with your family and discuss situations that warrant an evacuation. Research what emergencies are common in your area. As we touched on, our state is prone to floods, tornados, and even tropical storms from the North. There are some services that can alert you to more local emergencies like power outages and chemical spills. It's a good idea to be tuned into those as well.

Establish Emergency Contacts

The likelihood of everyone in your household being in the same place when an emergency strikes is low. That is why everyone should know who to contact first. Assign one of your family members as the designated contact for everyone. Make sure small children have easy access to the designated emergency contact number as well as the numbers for important neighbors and family members.

Establish a Meeting Point

As was mentioned, the likelihood of everyone being together at the time of an emergency is low. That is why it is also important to establish a meeting point. In case of a home emergency, like a fire, establish a neighbor or friend's house as a meeting point. And in the case of a community emergency, establish a public place like a coffee shop or park as the meeting place. This way your family will know exactly where to go, and you can get organized and leave the area quickly if needed.

Create a Go-Bag

Once an emergency strikes, you need to take action quickly. That is why every household should have a go-bag ready to grab in a moment's notice. FEMA has a comprehensive list of suggested items that you can reference. Important documents, medications, water, a change of clothes for everyone, and some cash is a good starting point. Have your go-bag stored in an easy to access spot, such as the coat closet by the door.

When emergencies strike, immediate action is needed. If your family knows what actions to take, confusion can be avoided, and precious time will be saved.

By Prime Custom Builders 5-20-2022