Tips for Cleaning Tall Windows

At Prime Custom Builders we are well known in our community for building custom homes of distinction. We love creating homes that have that ‘wow’ factor. A feature that you will often see in our homes are large, tall windows. These kinds of windows give off a grand and fresh feeling while letting in generous amounts of sun and surrounding beauty. The only tricky bit is when it comes time to clean them. Not to worry, though. Here are a few tips on the subject to help you along your way.

Check the Weather

The first thing you want to do is schedule the right day to do this chore. The last thing you want is to put in the effort to clean your windows and then realize streaks were left behind. Streaks occur when your window cleaner dries too quickly. And your cleaner will dry too quickly if it is too hot outside. You can avoid that kind of frustration by planning to clean your windows on a mild day. Look at your projected weather and choose a day where the temperature does not get above 70.

Choose Your Setup

Depending on how tall and accessible your windows are, you may decide you need a ladder, a long-handled squeegee, or both. Getting properly set up can seem unnecessary, but when dealing with heights it is important to work safely. When cleaning, take the time to move the ladder when needed. Avoid stretching too far or standing too far up the ladder. Have your buckets, squeegees, cleaners, and towels collected and easy to access before getting started.

Prepare Your Windows

Because cleaning tall windows is such a production, most of us do not get around to it as often as we may intend. So, there is likely to be a lot of dust and dirt and cobwebs that you will need to clear first. A handheld portable vacuum can be an excellent tool in helping you clear away any excess debris.

Now all that is left to do is clean those windows! Basking in the sunshine through spot-free windows is a satisfying feeling. And since most of us have a lot of extra time on our hands, now is the perfect time to get the job done.

By Prime Custom Builders 4-23-2020