How to Find a Stud without Using Tools

When you want to hang something, it is best to anchor the nail into a stud. This will give the item you are hanging the most stability. But when decorating inspiration strikes and you find yourself without a stud finder, what can be done? Do you need to venture to your local hardware store just so you can hang one thing? Of course not! Studs have been around longer than stud finders have been, and people have been adorning their walls all throughout history. Here is how you too can find a stud without any specialty tools.

Stud Facts

Knowing the purpose of studs and some basic facts about them will make finding them easier. As you probably already know, studs exist to frame a room. They assist in holding up drywall and exterior walls. Therefore, you can always expect to find them at the base of a wall, top of a wall, and at the corners. Windows and electrical boxes will also be mounted into studs, so you can locate them where these items are as well. Typically, studs will be spaced 16-24 inches apart from another.

Armed with this general information about studs, you can begin trying to locate yours. Look first at your baseboards. Baseboards and trimmings will all be nailed into studs. Where the board was nailed in place will be a little caulk filled dimple. From there, you can measure 16-inch spacings to pinpoint the stud you want to work with.

If you cannot quite find the nail holes in your baseboards, you can turn your attention to your light switches and outlets. As we mentioned, these will also be secured in place via stud. You can knock on the wall either side of the outlet to determine which side of the box that the stud is on. The side without a stud will have a hollower sound. From there, again you can measure 16-inch spacings to find your desired stud.

And if that method is not yielding answers, you can always start your stud search at the corner of a wall since you are guaranteed to find a stud there. And again, measure 16-inch spacings until you find a desired placement for your hangings. If your house is very old, your studs are likely to be spaced farther apart than 16 inches. If you suspect they might be, keep knocking on the wall. Once your knock no longer sounds hollow, you have found your stud.

And there you have it! With a little bit of reference, you can find a stud without any equipment.

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By Prime Custom Builders 1-24-2022