The Best Mosquito Repellants

It’s that time of year again! The trees are full, the animals are awake, and grilling season is upon us. But that also means that the battle of the mosquitos is in full swing as well. If you want to enjoy your time out in your Prime Custom Builders home without getting eaten alive, here are some of the best ways to repel mosquitoes.

Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

All the most potent bug repellants are originally derived from plants. So, it makes sense to have those types of plants scattered around your yard! Catnip and citronella are two excellent mosquito repelling plants. Intact, they will not repel mosquitoes, but if you break off a leaf and rub it in your skin, it will do the trick! Just keep in mind that these plants do tend to grow vigorously. If you do not want them taking over your garden, it is best to keep them in containers.

Formulas That Repel Mosquitoes

When you are out and about, you will not have access to your repellant plants. The next best thing is a ready-made spray formula. Sprays that rely on DEET, IR535, and picaridin are the most effective, so look for those as the primary ingredients. Some important notes regarding DEET is that it is not recommended for use on babies under the age of two months old. And for older children, stick to formulas where DEET is 10-30% of the solution.

Some products claim to rely on essential oils as bug repellant, but it is important to remember that these oils have not been as extensively studied and tested by the EPA as the other ingredients we mentioned. Which is why it might be best to steer clear of those products until further reliable testing is done on their effectiveness.

And there you go! The best ways to repel mosquitoes. Now go out and have a great summer!

By Prime Custom Builders 6-24-2022