Eco Friendly Ways to Keep Ice Off Your Driveway

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Snow is here. This brings along unwanted ice that can cause slip hazards. Most today want an eco-friendly way to be able to get rid of the ice that piles up on the driveway. Making sure that it’s safe for you, the kids, pets, plants, and the concrete itself is important. Not choosing an eco-friendly solution can have damaging effects on your little ones, the dogs, and the soil. Not to mention that it can also eat away at your concrete. What are some eco-friendly ways to de-ice your driveway?


The best way to avoid any chemicals is to not use them. How do you stop it from icing then if you don’t use any ice melts? The key is to shovel as often as you can, not just once it’s done snowing. When you go to shovel make sure to always shovel down to the pavement. If this isn’t done, then the small amount of snow left will be left for ice accumulation. By keeping it from building up you prevent ice from forming. This can’t always be done though if you’re not at the house. In many households today both parents must work and with the kids at school, there is no one there to shovel.

Create Better Traction

Whether you’re able to be there to shovel often or not, traction is always important. Having saved your sawdust from your summer projects you can use that to sprinkle that on the snow-packed and icy areas. Sand also provides tractions for these areas. These won’t melt any ice, only provide you with traction. However, they aren’t full of chemicals or harmful and can provide resistance so that you aren't slipping all over the place.

Salt-Free Ice Melts

There are ice melts that are salt-free making it safe for pets and children. Safe Paw is a good substitute to prevent ice from building up being 100% salt-free. For it to properly work though, proper application is needed. Many times, people tend to put the ice melt on the concrete after the ice is already there. Ice melt is meant to melt the ice from the ground up. The proper application of ice-melts is to apply it before the ice starts. This will give you the best results. Note that you want to sprinkle it on the concrete. A little goes a long way.

Your home is important and so are the lives that go in and out of your home. To keep your home safe and the lives that are in it make sure that you are prepared for the first snowfall that is to come. By making sure you have the proper materials for the first snow you’ll feel better that your home is ready and that your little ones are safe, not slipping and hitting their heads. Prime Custom Builders recognizes that winter is coming and that you need a home that is reliable. We provide you with all the needed options to make your home the way you want it. Check out our homes today!

By Prime Custom Builders 3-19-2021