Hygge - What It Is and How You Can Do It

As the crisp Fall air moves out, many people begin to dread the onset of Winter. Especially in Pennsylvania where Prime Custom Builders is based. It is often too cold to enjoy outdoor activities for very long, the days are shorter, and it can have its fair share of gloomy days. There is a Danish attitude and practice that sees this time of year as a time to look forward to. It's called hygge, and we want to share how you can adopt it into your own life during the colder months ahead.

Hygge - What Is It?

The term Hygge is pronounced hyoo-gah, and it embodies feelings of warmth, comfort, relaxation, and well-being. It is a mindset and opportunity to celebrate the cold Winter months as a chance to recharge mentally and physically and engage in self-care. It is one of the practices that leads Denmark to be ranked as one of the happiest places on earth despite their long, dark Winters. That’s really saying something!

How To Do It

Hygge is all about embracing the Winter season for its unique gifts. Here are a couple of ways you can do that.

Take In Nature

Since hygge is all about appreciating what each season has to offer, appreciating nature is part of that. On days when it is not too cold, why not bundle up in your cutest winter wear and go for a stroll. Breath in the cool air. Admire how snow and ice sparkle in the sunlight. Enjoying nature even when it is cold is a great way to get into an appreciative mindset.

Connect with People You Love

The warmer months tend to be busy. Especially since travel has opened up more recently, people have been itching to see new surroundings. And while that is great, it may mean that months have gone by without you being able to connect with the ones you love. As Winter rolls around, however, things naturally tend to slow down. This presents a great opportunity to spend time with loved ones. Provide them with your undivided attention and take the time to engage in meaningful conversations. This is another great way to adopt hygge.

Embrace Coziness

Making your space cozy is also a wonderful way to get into the hygge mindset. There is something special about dawning your favorite slippers, making a crackling fire, or playing soothing music. Lighting candles can also go a long way in creating a restful space since soft lighting and soothing scents can evoke emotions and memories that can aid you in feeling peaceful.​

Maybe you can try to take a page out of the Danish book this upcoming Winter by adopting hygge. Having a solid home base that you love spending time in is important to feeling comfortable. Browse our available homes to find the perfect match for you!

By Prime Custom Builders 10-27-2021