Ways to Bee a Good Neighbor

Sure, you may not want bees flying in your face, but that does not mean you do not want them in your yard! Bees play a vital role in our ecosystem as some of the most influential pollinators. Sadly, the state of today’s environment has led to a decline in bee populations. If you want to create a safe haven for your local bees, here are some suggestions.

Nix the Pesticides

One of the best ways that you can protect bees is by avoiding the use of pesticides. Many people use them in gardens in order to keep unwanted pests at bay, but the unfortunate truth is that pesticides also harm pollinators. If you are looking for effective alternatives so that aphids and worms do not make a buffet out of your veggies, try sprinkling diatomaceous earth around your garden. In addition, you can release hungry ladybugs and lacewings around your vegetable patch. These beneficial insects have insatiable appetites for unwelcome grubs.

Leave Some Weeds

At certain parts of the year, flowering plants might be scarce. During these times, bees can survive off weeds. It is understandable if you like a meticulously kept yard, but perhaps you can sanction a corner in the back of your yard where beneficial weeds can be left alone. Plants like dandelions, clover, and bee balm are some specific weeds that bees can really use during these flowering droughts.

Provide Water

Water is essential to all life, and bees are not excluded from that. Bees can usually find natural sources of water like puddles to drink from, but you can offer a reliable source of water for them as well. Things like shallow bird baths or small buckets can prove to be invaluable hydration stations. You can even add some stones to your water feature so that bees have a comfortable place to rest as they drink.

Keep Colorful Flowers

And of course, planting flowers that bees love is a great way to invite them into your yard. Bright, fragrant flowers tend to temp them most. So, think along the lines of black eyed susans and lavender.

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By Prime Custom Builders 6-18-2021