Properly Winterize Your Home

Brr! Winter is almost here. And if you live in the Northeast like we do at Prime Custom Builders, you know that while Winter can be lovely, it can also be harsh. If you have not already prepared your home for Winter or do not even know what needs to be winterized, here are a few things that should be put on your honey-do list.

Seal Cracks

Winterizing things like sprinklers should definitely be on your list, but mostly what you are going to want to accomplish before Winter hits is to properly seal your home. Examine the interior and exterior of your home for any drafty cracks. Once you have identified them, seal them with a high-quality acrylic-latex caulk.

Do not neglect to check your electrical outlets. These can actually let in a surprising amount of cold air. If you detect a drafty outlet, you can seal it with an easy to install outlet gasket.

Add Insulation

Most homes have inadequate insulation in their attics. Without proper insulation, your attic is going to hoard all the warm air in your home. Keep your heating bill down and warm air in the living areas by adding extra insulation to your attic.

Insulate Pipes

One of the most important things you need to do to prep for Winter is to insulate your pipes. Prevent freezing on your water pipes by wrapping them either with foam rubber sleeves or winding them with insulated wraps. Conversely, keep your energy bill at a happy place by also wrapping the pipes for your water heater. You will ultimately save water and energy by not having to run water as long as you wait for it to heat up.

Cover Windows

Windows are also a major contributor to cold and uncomfortable rooms. If you have single pane windows, you may want to consider installing storm windows. Storm windows mount to your existing windows and add an extra layer of protection from the frigid elements. Plus, during the warmer months, they can be removed and stored for the next season.

To add even more cushion between your living areas and cold windows, hang up heavy insulating curtains. Even the highest quality windows will let in a bit of coldness. Blackout type curtains will give you an extra line of defense.

Check Weather Strips

Lastly, you should inspect your main doors. Stoop down so you can get a good look at the base of your door. Feel for cracks or missing bits of weather stripping. Look to see if you can see light through the base of your door. You can even take a lit match and run it near all the corners of your door. Any air that is seeping through will be clearly seen when it interacts with the flame. Then, seal weak areas with caulking and new weather stripping if needed.

If you take the time to properly winterize your home this season, you will be thanking yourself the next. Keep your energy bill down, minimize damage to your property and stay warm all Winter long with these tips.

By Prime Custom Builders 12-5-2019