Stay Safe When Using a Space Heater

Baby, it’s cold outside! Especially if you live in a colder climate like we do at Prime Custom Builders, you may be feeling that chill in the air. Even if your heating system is working well or you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, you may still find yourself using supplemental heating too. And while space heaters are easy and convenient to have around, many accidents are caused by them each year. That is why we want to keep you safe and warm by outlining a few safety tips that you can keep in mind when using a space heater.

Skip Secondhand Heaters

Nowadays, space heaters have several safety features built in. Such as automatic shut off mechanisms when a heater is knocked over, overheated, or runs too long. Older heaters? Not so much. Keep your loved ones safe by simply getting a new space heater.

Avoid Exposing Heaters to Moisture

The idea of stepping out of the shower into a toasty bathroom definitely sounds genius, but in reality, it is just the opposite. Running a heater in a confined, moist space, like a closed-door bathroom, is very dangerous. As tempting as it may be, it is best to avoid keeping the heater in the bathroom.

Do Not Set Heaters on Furniture

Although you may know better than to set space heaters on carpets and rugs, they really should not be placed on furniture as a solution either. An accidental bump or a playful cat can send a heater overboard, leading to burn or fire hazards. It is always best to keep heaters on a hard surface floor.

Do Not Leave Heaters on Overnight

When you are sleeping, it is natural to want your bedroom temperature to remain warm and comfortable. So, it may be tempting to leave your space heater on overnight to keep a consistent temperature in the dead of Winter. But doing so can actually present more than one potential problem. For starters, running your heater overnight puts you at risk of starting a fire in your bedroom, all while dangerously unconscious. Second, space heaters actually emit carbon monoxide. CO poisoning is called the silent killer because it is odorless and tasteless. Certainly, you would not want to put yourself at increased risk of that.

Overall, space heaters can be a great source of supplemental heat on those bitterly cold days. And hopefully with these few tips in mind, you and your family will be kept safe and warm all Winter long. For an array of other helpful topics for homeowners, be sure to check out some of our other blogs!

By Prime Custom Builders 2-27-2020