Ways to Bee a Good Neighbor

Sure, you may not want bees flying in your face, but that does not mean you do not want them in your yard! Bees play a vital role in our ecosystem as some of the most influential pollinators. Sadly, the state of today’s environment has led... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 6-18-2021

How to Childproof Your Kitchen and Dining Room

There are thousands of accidents involving kids every year and most are found to have been preventable. Here are a few tips so you can make sure you have taken every possible precaution to protect your children in the home.

Put Yourself in Your Childs Shoes

... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 5-24-2021

Eco Friendly Ways to Keep Ice Off Your Driveway

Prime Custom Builders constructs homes to meet many different circumstances. We deliver a custom experience with a focus on honesty, quality, and excellence. Our goal is to make every customer's experience run smoothly and to meet each family's unique needs.

Snow is here. This brings along... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 3-19-2021

Bye Bye Bacteria!

Cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining the health of your home and those who live in it. And since we all need to eat several times a day, the kitchen is surely one area that gets cleaned often. But if you do not... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 2-23-2021

Why You Should Move to Pennsylvania

Prime Custom Builders has chosen to create our legacy in the historical state of Pennsylvania. So we are well aware of the things that make our state so special. But if you are not as well versed on the subject, we’ve got your back. Here are... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 1-26-2021

Useful Household Items Everyone Should Keep Around

Prime Custom Builders is proud to create custom homes of distinction. Homes that families can grow and make memories in. If you are at the beginning of that journey and are buying a new house for the first time, it can be easy to... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 12-23-2020

Renovations that are Worth the Investment

At Prime Custom Builders, we are proud to build custom homes of distinction. Homes that have everything you want from the beginning. But over time, your taste and preferences may change, and you may begin to dream about making renovations. Renovations can be a... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 11-30-2020

How to Make Your Home Smell Like Autumn

Fall is a beautiful time of year for a lot of places, but especially here in Pennsylvania. People travel from all over to see the unmatched Autumn colors of the Northeast. But another thing that warms the hearts of many are the aromatic scents associated with this time... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 10-30-2020

Sounds You Should Never Ignore Around Your Home

There are a lot of working parts that come together to make a house function. It is no surprise, then, that our homes make plenty of squeaks and creaks. Most of these noises do not mean anything, but how can you tell if your... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 9-28-2020

How to Disinfect the Right Way

We know that most homeowners strive to maintain a regular cleaning routine. But are you aware that cleaning is different than disinfecting? Or that mixing the wrong chemicals together could have disastrous effects on your family? If you are not quite sure, there is no need... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 8-27-2020