How to Protect Newly Planted Trees During Winter

When it comes to new homes it means that there are also newly planted trees in the yard as well. Winter can be very hard on the newly planted trees because they aren’t protected from the harsh elements and don’t have a mature defense like a long-standing tree has.... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 1-24-2018

Eco Friendly Ways to Keep Ice Off Your Driveway

Snow is bound to come in the coming months. This brings along unwanted ice that can cause slip hazards. Most today want an eco-friendly way to be able to get rid of the ice that piles up on the driveway. Making sure that... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 11-22-2017

Fall Fun for the Family

Now that the family is... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 10-17-2017

Multigenerational Household Needs

In today’s day and age there seems to be unique needs that have slowly arisen in households. There are many multigenerational families that are living in one home. Whether it is older parents moving in with adult children or adult children moving in with their parents,... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 6-20-2017

Decorating with Wood

Decorating with Wood

Many people love a rustic looking home. One of the many essential pieces to a beautiful rustic looking home is wood. Wood pieces are beautiful but can often be expensive. Wood can be a small accent to a rustic home or a main decoration throughout... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 6-7-2017

Welcome to the Prime Custom Builders Blog

Welcome to the Prime Custom Builders Blog. This section will be updated regularly with the latest company news, home design trends and many other articles. Be sure to check back often!... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 8-1-2016

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