Fall Lawn Care

An inviting landscaped yard is something we prioritize here at Prime Custom Builders. We know a lawn worthy of your pride does not just come about with mere wishful thinking. And no doubt, you have been busy with your yard all summer long. A break... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 9-16-2019

Termites - How to Identify Them and What To Do

At Prime Custom Builders, we love featuring the beauty of nature with wood accents. A glossy, beautifully grained hardwood floor, or a dreamy wrap-around porch to sip tea on in the evenings, we adore them. If you love wood surfaces as much as we do,... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 7-17-2019

Biggest Cleaning Mistakes

Deep cleaning means you’ll need to cover a lot of area in a relatively short period of time. You might have to call in the whole family to help you out when it comes to deep cleaning. There are several different items on the list of... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 6-11-2019

When to Plant Your Spring Flowers

We all love beautiful gardens and homes that look like paradise on the outside. As much as you love to see them, it doesn’t mean that you may know how to create this beautiful type of paradise around your home. Prime Custom Builders has built and... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 4-9-2019

How to Arrange Your Furniture

When it comes to moving into a home, you’re probably wondering how in the world you’re going to rearrange the furniture in your home. Or maybe you’ve been living there for some time and are just wanting to change things up. Whatever the case may be,... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 2-5-2019

How to Thaw Freezing Pipes

Winter can be a beautiful time of year with the snow falling to the ground, making everything look like it is set in a winter wonderland. However, this wonderful time of year isn’t all fun and games with snow. There is more you must worry about than just your... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 12-27-2018

Getting Your Car and Home Ready for Winter

Fall means that winter is sure to be coming soon. With that in mind there is a lot that needs to get done before the snow begins to fall. Prime Custom Builders understands that over the course of the summer the garage can get messy with the kid’s toys... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 10-31-2018

Get Your Home Ready for Fall

Soon the weather will start to cool off and it will cause a picturesque walk through the park with the colorful leaves falling to the ground. Prime Custom Builders knows exactly how beautiful the fall weather can be. This also means that the family might be... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 9-12-2018

How to Care for Your Gardening Tools

Spring and summer bring a beautiful time of year with the joy of tending to a garden. This means that there is going to be wear and tear. It can be expensive to constantly having to replace your tools repeatedly. With good care our tools can... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 6-27-2018

Spring Tree Care

As we previously talked about there is much care that trees need to thrive and not just survive. Winter tree care is pertinent. Spring is here now so what does that mean for all of your trees that you spent time on all winter to make sure they made... [read more]

By Prime Custom Builders 4-10-2018