Appliance Maintenance That Will Help Them Last Longer

Every Prime Custom Home comes stocked with new appliances and conveniences. We want your home to make your life easier. And with a little bit of regular maintenance and care, your home appliances can run better and last longer. Here are some of the best ways to maintain them.

Go Easy On Your Washer

Washing clothes by hand is a tedious and tiring task. No wonder we all love our washing machines so much! If you want your washing machine to be with you for a long time, make sure to go easy on it. And by that we mean, don’t overload it. Overloading a washing machine is an understandable temptation but it can cause the balance of the drum to be thrown off, it can cause it to work harder than it needs to, and it will result in clothes that are not cleaned thoroughly.

Keep Dryers Free of Lint

While you are still in the laundry room, give attention to your dryer. In addition to regularly removing lint from the lint trap, removing lint from the vents is an important annual chore. Leaving lint to buildup can create a fire hazard and it can cause the motor in your dryer to strain. Not to mention that insufficient airflow will lead to clothes that just do not get fully dry.

Clear Refrigerator Coils of Dust

The condenser coils under your fridge are what's responsible for keeping the contents of your fridge cool. Over the course of a year, these coils can pick up dust, hair, and food debris. If left covered in detritus, it can prevent the coils from doing their job efficiently. Save yourself from having to throw out all your refrigerated goods while waiting on a fridge replacement. Help your fridge struggle less to perform by vacuuming the condenser coils once a year.

Don’t Forget About Your Dishwasher Filter

Did you even know that your dishwasher had a filter? Well, it does, and if you neglect to clean it, it can leave your dishware cloudy and can emanate a foul odor. For a more efficient dishwasher and cleaner dishware, be sure to clean the filter biannually.

Dishwashers, clothes washers, refrigerators, and dryers all make daily living a little easier. Make sure that yours runs efficiently and stands the test of time by giving attention to these easy maintenance tasks.

By Prime Custom Builders 12-22-2022