How to Create a Beautiful Flower Arrangement

At Prime Custom Builders, we build you a home, but you get to make it beautiful. Sometimes, it's the simple things that can bring a smile to your face when you come home after a long day, like a bouquet of flowers. Whether you want to brighten up your dressing table or you want to create something special for an upcoming dinner party, skip the florist fees and learn how to make a flower arrangement like the pros.

Choose the Flowers You Want

The first step to creating a beautiful flower arrangement is, of course, choosing your flowers! Many places have fresh flowers that you can source from. Grocery stores, markets, maybe you even have flowers in your own garden.

For the most part, an arrangement that is well balanced will have one flower as the statement piece along with two greenery pieces as support. The greenery pieces may not seem important, but they will help your star flower to stand out and they will help fill the arrangement out without competing for the limelight.

Going to a marketplace to source your flowers can be helpful if you do not have a clear color palette in mind. This way you can combine colors, flowers, and greenery before purchasing to find a winning combination. And while you are selecting your stems, don’t forget to also pick up some flower preservatives.

Prep Your Flowers

Another thing that will take your flower arrangement from amateur to professional are properly prepared stems. Take time to remove any thorns or leaves from the stems. This will make sure that your arrangement does not look busy and will allow the blooms to shine. Additionally, it will prevent bacteria from being introduced into the water, thus preserving your arrangement for longer.

Based on your vase of choice, you will also need to trim your stems to the proper length. Cut the bottom of the stem at a diagonal angle. This will help the stems to draw up water more readily.

Assemble Your Arrangement

Now that your flowers are chosen and your stems are prepared, all that's left to do is assemble your arrangement. If your stems are tall and heavy and your vase is short, you may need to utilize floral foam or floral frogs for extra stabilization.

Fill your vase of choice with warm water and a packet of floral preservatives. Then begin placing your florals and greenery into the vase. Move the stems around and experiment with their placement until you find a balanced and pleasing finished product.​

Keep the arrangement out of direct light and remove leaves as they die in order to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible.

And those are the basics to floral arrangements. Experiment, have fun, and enjoy!

By Prime Custom Builders 11-29-2022