How to Make Your Home Smell Like Autumn

Fall is a beautiful time of year for a lot of places, but especially here in Pennsylvania. People travel from all over to see the unmatched Autumn colors of the Northeast. But another thing that warms the hearts of many are the aromatic scents associated with this time of year. If you are someone who cannot get enough of those spicy, warm smells, then this is the place for you! Here are a few ways that you can make your entire home smell like Fall.


This may be an obvious one but lighting a few candles around your living area is a classic and easy way to sweeten up the smell of your home. There is an abundance of Fall scented candles on the market that you can pick up on your next store run. Or if you are wanting a fun Fall project, why not look up a recipe on how to make one of your own? It is easier than you may have thought. And for a middle tier option, if you have any plain candles lying around, you can jazz them up by arranging a few fragrant additions around the top. Things like rosemary bundles, cinnamon sticks, or dried orange slices are all lovely Autumnal scents.

Hand Made Body Scrub

This is an excellent option if you yourself want to smell like Fall! And an easy one at that. All you need is a vessel for your scrub, like a mason jar, pumpkin spice, brown sugar, and coconut oil. You can combine the spices and coconut oil until you reach a desired texture and fragrance.

Mulled Wine

Baking pies and cakes is a sure way to infuse delicious smells into the house. But do you know what is another fun way to do that? By making mulled wine! If you are someone who enjoys a good cocktail to keep you warm during the colder months, then this is the suggestion for you. All you need is one of your favorite red wines and your favorite fall flavors. Pour your wine and cinnamon sticks, cardamom cloves, oranges, vanilla, apples, or whatever you fancy into a saucepan. Allow that to come to a boil and then reduce to a simmer. Let your mix simmer until the flavors come through to your liking.

We hope that these suggestions have inspired you! At Prime Custom Builders, we love when homeowners can make their homes their own. That is why we build custom homes to suit each family from the start. If you are interested in more home inspiration, be sure to check out our gallery page!

By Prime Custom Builders 10-30-2020