Home Tasks You Should Be Doing Monthly

There is a lot of maintenance that comes along with homeownership. But don’t let that maintenance overwhelm you! If you tackle these things at least once a month, you can keep your home in tip top shape.

Test Your Detectors

For the safety of everyone in your household, it is important that you check and make sure that your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working properly. Every month, check to see if the batteries on these detectors are working.

Change the HVAC Filter

Your HVAC system plays a big role in your comfort at home. It also plays a big role in your energy bills. If your HVAC filter is clogged and hasn’t been changed in a while, it can cause your system to work inefficiently. That’s why changing your filter once a month should be a part of your maintenance routine.

Care for Appliances

Cleaning and maintaining your appliances monthly should also be a monthly to-do. Things like cleaning old food from your fridge, wiping down the oven, and clearing out the drain basket in your dishwasher.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Your kitchen sink and garbage disposal are both breeding grounds for bacteria. And while you should aim to clean your kitchen sink more regularly, cleaning your garbage disposal once a month will keep gnats and foul odors at bay.

Tour the Outside of Your Home

This is a chore that is easy to neglect, especially when the weather is cold and gloomy, but inspecting your property is extremely important. At least once a month, do a tour of the exterior of your home. Look for evidence of damage or signs of infestations. Make sure that no large trees are rotting and keep an eye out for pooling water.

If you make sure to do these tasks once a month, home maintenance will never get away from you. Completing regular home maintenance tasks will keep the things in your home in good condition for longer and help you be prepared for major replacements and repairs instead of being surprised by them.

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By Prime Custom Builders 10-24-2022