Simple Ways To Fix Common Household Problems

As you live in and create memories inside your home, it’s likely to develop tiny scrapes and bruises or certain components may not function as optimally as when you first moved in.

You might notice issues like banged up baseboards or a persistently dripping faucet. Though these problems are not emergencies, they can prove to be eyesores or just plain annoying. Even though these issues might not be emergencies, you still may want to address them. Your friends at Prime Custom Builders are dedicated to helping you enjoy the time you spend in your home. That’s why we’ve gathered some simple solutions to some of these pesky household problems.

Battered Baseboards

Your house is a home. Warm, comforting abodes are meant to be lived in. However, if you have young kids or pets or merely enjoy periodically repositioning furniture to introduce a fresh appearance, your home's baseboards often take their fair share of abuse.

Fortunately, these little dings and marks can easily be touched over. We recommend filling these crevices using wood putty. Once the holes are covered, sand the spaces down and apply a coating of paint for a look that is almost as good as new.

Slow Draining Sinks

Few household issues can prove as frustrating as a slow draining sink. Problematic items, such as food particles, gunk, toothpaste, and other materials clog said features and gradually build up over time.

Luckily, these obstructions can often be remediated without having to employ harsh, abrasive chemicals. In many instances, simple common ingredients like vinegar and baking soda will suffice.

To complete the undertaking, remove the impacted drain's grate cover and promptly pour a half- cup of baking soda through the opening. Once the powdery substance has been deployed, you are instructed to empty a half-cup of vinegar down the impacted drain. When the two items combine, a bubbling will form. After several minutes, flush the drain with water. Said actions should alleviate or eliminate the blockage.

Creaking Floorboards

Creaking floorboards are fun when they are in old Western saloons, but not so much in your home. When such occurrences impact a residential abode, the sounds can be downright annoying. Believe it or not, the application of baby powder onto impacted flooring often produces favorable results. The material stops the bothersome sounds because it settles into a floorboard's seams and prevents creaking.​

Summer's end is a great time to address things like these that you may have been putting off. You may even be pleasantly surprised by how fast and easy they are to get done!

By Prime Custom Builders 8-23-2021