A Defense for Checkerboard Flooring

Looking to make a change in 2020? Why not start with your floors? With one flooring style change, you can completely transform your living space. We’re talking about checkerboard floors. You do not have to have an affinity for all things retro to incorporate these floors in your home (although we love retro!). There are easy and budget friendly stick on vinyl options or you can go all in for real deal tiles. Either way, Prime Customs Builders is here to share with you specific ways you can integrate checkerboard floors to fit your personal style.

Keep it Simple

Although classic, it can be easy for a checkerboard floor to come off busy if not balanced the right way. Make your floors the centerpiece by keeping the rest of the color scheme simple. Black and white is such a beautifully timeless combo that never disappoints.

Make Color Pop

Breaking news! Black and white is not the only option in the checkerboard world. For a fun and lively change, go for a happy yellow or blue. If you do not want the room to become too cartoonish, lean more towards neutrals for the other elements like cabinets.

Create Diamonds

Make a room look bigger by aligning your tiles in a diamond shape. This will guide the eye along the length of the room. It also adds a darling French vibe that I doubt anyone would complain about.

Embrace Retro

There is a reason that that perfect pearls retro style has remained so beloved for so long. There is just something so charming about bright appliances and bold floors. You can embrace that aesthetic by adding vintage appliances or vintage recreation ones. Thrifting for hidden gems, like the perfect table and chairs, can really pull the look together.

There are so many fresh ways to liven up your space, but if you want something bold and classic, checkerboard floors are for you! For more home inspiration and DIY home projects, feel free to peruse the rest of our blogs.

By Prime Custom Builders 1-28-2020